This site was originally established to provide a mirror of the Cooper-Rushton-Grimes actinide potentials model. The CRG model was developed when Michael Cooper and Michael Rushton were members of Prof. Robin Grimes' group at Imperial College London.

People have found the potential model useful, so to ensure a high level of availability we are mirroring it here. The original version of the site can still be found on Prof. Grimes' group website here: http://abulafia.mt.ic.ac.uk/potentials/.

As it is easier for us to make changes to this site - extensions we make to the model are likely to be hosted here first.

If you have any comments or suggestions for resources you would like to see here please get in touch at web@atomsim.org.


  • Library of potentials - list of potential models (this is now the canonical source of the Cooper-Rushton-Grimes actinide potential model).